8.18 JazzWeekly reviews trioKAIT 2

George Harris of Jazz Weekly reviews trioKAIT 2, "a rich release of originals" with "lots of rewards".

Read the review here.

8.18 trioKAIT receives 4.5 stars from DownBeat Magazine !

7.18 KAit on the "straight no chaser" podcast

Jeffrey Siegel interviews Kait on the "Straight No Chaser" podcast, featuring conversation about and music from the new album. Siegel also writes, "I’m a big fan of piano trios – the interplay between three rhythm instruments, the resulting melodies and dissonances, the way soloists weave within one another to create something greater than themselves...trioKAIT does all of that, and does it well - but this is a different kind of piano trio."

Listen to the podcast above or click here to read the review and listen on the website.

6.18 jazziz magazine premieres "re-entry" video

JAZZIZ Magazine offers an exclusive premieres of the new video for "Re-Entry", the first track on trioKAIT 2. Click here for the link.

6.18 Popmatters reviews triokait 2

A great review of the new album by Will Layman: "a thrilling and original soulful jazz sound...A new kind of jazz trio demonstrates that 21st century jazz can be subtle and soulful at the same time..."

"More so than The Bad Plus or Robert Glasper's trio, trioKAIT uses a huge variety of rhythms to bring a new century to a jazz trio tradition that has proven capable of absorbing change.” 

"trioKAIT 2 is a grower in every sense, a record that works over time to keep feeding you a greater and greater sense of why jazz is art and popular vernacular at the same time. What a combination. And what a trio.” 

Read the full article here.

4.18 something else! reviews premieres "re-entry"

A great review by S. Victor Aaron of "Re-Entry", the second single from trioKAIT 2: "...crisp piano played with Chick Corea preciseness. She can turn from lithe to muscular on a dime, with a deceptive embraceable melodicism and groove that can make the harmonic complexity underneath easily digestible." Read the full article here.

4.18 downbeat premieres "OCD"

Downbeat.com offers the first listen of "OCD", the new single from trioKAIT 2: a "confluence of the classic piano trio, and space-aged funk and fusion."

1.17 triokait casual reaches #5 on the jazz week radio charts!

11.16 "The Lady in my life" reviewed on Something Else! by s. victor aaron

Nice write up on trioKAIT's Rod Temperton cover, "demonstrating the flair Kait Dunton has for surprising, smart arrangements." Read the full article here.

11.16 "trioKAIT Casual" rocks jazz world on impact

AXS article by Carol Banks Weber: http://www.axs.com/triokait-casual-rocks-jazz-world-on-impact-109435

4.16 triokait featured on jazziz magazine's "33 1/3 anniversary" cd

The Spring 2016 edition of JAZZIZ Magazine includes a double-CD celebrating the magazine's "33 1/3" Anniversary. trioKAIT's "Love Lost" is the second track, accompanied by a great review of the album: "Dunton, bassist Cooper Appelt and drummer Jake Reed play with the energy and intensity of the rock influences on Dunton's richly melodic yet always grooving compositions".


1.16 TRIOKAIT reviewed in jazziz magazine

A nice review of the new trioKAIT album in the Winter 2016 edition of JAZZIZ Magazine: "A charged atmosphere runs through the collection of 13 brief, category-defying originals...virtuosic instrumentalism makes trioKAIT a charismatic work of modern, mainstream music with wide appeal."  - Hrayr Attarian

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 2.21.44 PM.png


12.2.15 triokait in huffington post

How cool! trioKAIT made The Huffington Post's list of "The Best Jazz for 2015"!

10.30.15 triokait with german vocalist erik leuthäuser

trioKAIT featured on German vocalist Erik Leuthäuser's debut album: In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee. While performing in Germany in March, 2015, trioKAIT had the pleasure of recording on Erik's debut album. trioKAIT backs Erik on half the album, which includes Kait's arrangements of "Wave", "Careless", "There's a Small Hotel" and other standards. Erik is an incredible vocalist and composer - watch out for him!


10.15 player's piece in downbeat magazine

In October, Downbeat Magazine ran a Player's Piece on Kait. Here is an excerpt: "Dunton couldn’t be happier with her compatriots [Jake Reed & Cooper Appelt]. “It’s very clear to me that trio is the sound for my music,” she said. “Everybody is bringing a super important part to the music. None of us are jazz purists. Cooper is just as good on electric as upright. Jake is truly as great at rock as he is at jazz. A lot of the music I write combines all the stuff, and they can switch so easily.” 

8.27.15 USC Thornton announces new trioKAIT album

Jazz pianist, composer and alumna Kait Dunton is emerging as one of the most innovative voices in jazz. She joins fellow...

Posted by USC Thornton School of Music on Monday, July 27, 2015

8.20.15 exclusive streaming premiere on jazztimes.com

Anticipating the release of the new trioKAIT record on July 31, JazzTimes is featuring an exclusive streaming premiere of the full album on its website. trioKAIT is also available for preview and pre-sale now on iTunes. Physical copies can also be pre-ordered online at Kait's audio store.

11.13.14 New triokait album sneak peak announced

S. Victor Aaron of Something Else! Reviews writes about the upcoming trioKAIT album: "...it’s jazz for the here and now, sounding fresh and accessible in spite of all the nifty little complexities they instill into the music. That’s Kait Dunton’s hallmark....So yes, trioKAIT is new, but in a way, Dunton is going back to the driving, dynamic style of her exciting debut album Real And Imagined, still one of my favorite piano trio albums of the last six or seven years." 

Click here to read the full article.

12.22.2014 AXS preview and interview: "KAIT RETURNS TO TRIO FUSION..."

"In L.A., Kait Dunton stands out from the pack because of her ability to transform music into the most accessible but elevated art form...She appeals to the staunch jazz fans with her impeccably timed technique and free flowing bastion of improvisational inspiration that crosses into and out of the realms of the classical, funk, and straight-ahead. Yet, she also reaches the non-jazz fans with luxurious melodies that could never be called superfluous." - Carol Banks Weber

Click to read the full review/interview.

10.10.14 kait reviewed on Bars & Chords

"Kait is an incredibly talented pianist/composer whose music tells a story…"

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11.5.12 examiner.com reviews mountain suite

"Kait Dunton's second, original album, Mountain Suite, is many things: an amazingly seamless amalgam of classical and jazz...a stunning showcase of a jazz newcomer holding her own with legends...Dunton’s musical journey takes on a reflective shape...colored with shimmering, natural tones, in a softening of hardened jazz edges, but still very much jazz in concept, form, function, and execution."

Click to read the full review.

7.12.12 john edwin mason reviews mountain suite

"Mountain Suite, the mesmerizing new album from the LA-based composer and pianist...quietly invites you into its world for a long, engaging, and ultimately moving stay..."

Click to read the full review.

5.7.12 in-depth review of mountain suite

"Dunton isn't standing still", writes S. Victor Aaron of Something Else! Reviews. "In the company of some mighty elite and well-established players, she is able to fit right in and project the confidence and growth that will undoubtedly serve her well in the next phase of her career."

Read the full review here.

1.7.12 don heckman reviews real & Imagined

A great write-up in the Playboy Jazz Festival publication by Don Heckman of the International Review of Music.  "Pianist/composer Dunton's first album, Real & Imagined, is the work of an extraordinary talent on the rise... its gripping compositions and inherently swinging rhythms offer a brilliant re-imagining of the elemental aspects of the piano jazz trio..."

8.21.09 kait highlighted as one "ten future female jazz stars" on jazz.com

Kait is highlighted as one of  "The Young Lionesses: Ten Future Female Jazz Stars" on Jazz.com.  "[Kait's] meter and mood shifting compositions reveal an amazing amount of breadth and depth coming right out the gate...Real & Imagined is one of the top two or three jazz records I’ve heard put out by anybody in the past year, a statement I don’t make lightly..."

Read the full article here.

4.21.09 great review of real & imagined

"...Dunton’s compositions are consistently well-developed and hard to get out of your mind...Once in a long while you come across music that has the unique quality of being something that is so substantial and yet can be so naturally fun to listen to. Kait Dunton’s first effort Real & Imagined is such a record. She also throws cold water on any notion that the piano/bass/drums format is an exhausted one. It’s very much alive and well, and here is all the proof you need...Let me put it more bluntly: buy this record. Now."

Read the full review here.