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Planet D’earth (2019)

Kait’s sixth album features trumpeter John D’earth in a quartet setting with Dane Alderson on bass and Jake Reed on drums. Bob Mintzer joins on tenor sax for three tracks. “If not for John D’earth, Kait might never have become a professional musician. So it’s only appropriate that her sixth album, Planet D’earth, is both a collaboration with and a musical letter of gratitude to the man who changed the trajectory of her life…”

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triokait casual (2016)

Anticipating the sequel to their acclaimed debut, Kait and her genre-defying trio take a new spin on tunes by No Doubt, John Coltrane, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers...


mountain suite (2012)

What started as a few measures of music composed in the Canadian Rockies became a full suite of music brought to life by master interpreters Peter Erskine on drums, Bob Mintzer on tenor sax, John Daversa on trumpet and Darek Oles on bass...


trioKAIT2 (2018)

trioKAIT’s third album showcases a new evolution in sound and form for the trio, expanding the acoustic piano/electric bass concept to include vintage keyboards, effects pedals and synthesizers. Exploring themes of discovery, change and imagination, the music pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a jazz trio, while remaining rooted in their core values of composition and group sound.


triokait (2015)

Eagerly defying genre boundaries with a fresh, inventive electro-acoustic sound, trioKAIT is a piano trio for a random-access generation. On their self-titled debut...


real & imagined (2008)

Kait's debut album, with fellow North Texas classmates Ross Pederson on drums and Daniel Foose on bass. Check out the album that has nearly two million streams on Spotify!